Generalized Compliance FAQ

This is a Generalized Compliance FAQ, upon purchase you will create an online portal that explains your exact states procedure for licensing.

Pre-Licensing Hours Compliance:  All courses are designed and approved as online self-study; even if we have an instructor, we will be using our online self-study program to ensure compliance and tracking of hours.  Our Virtual and In-Person courses include a live instructor who is also approved by the Department of Insurance if required.

25 states DO require pre-licensing hours (usually 20 or 40) prior to taking the state exam.  These states are:

Alabama – Arkansas – California – Colorado – Connecticut – Florida – Georgia – Illinois – Indiana – Kentucky – Louisiana – Maryland – Michigan – Minnesota – Mississippi – Nevada – New Jersey – New York – North Carolina – Ohio – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Tennessee – Washington – West Virginia – Wisconsin

If you are in a red state, upon completion of our course, you will need to take a Final Exam through our online portal and then a Certificate of Completion will be printed out; we will also report your compliance to the appropriate Department of Insurance within 48 hours.

25 states DO NOT require pre-licensing hours and you may take the state exam any time, even if you do not study.  These states are:

Alaska – Arizona – D.C. – Delaware – Hawaii – Idaho – Iowa – Kansas – Maine – Massachusetts – Missouri – Montana – Nebraska – New Hampshire – New Mexico – North Dakota – Oklahoma – Rhode Island – South Carolina – South Dakota – TEXAS – Utah – Vermont – Virginia – Wisconsin – Wyoming

If you are in a blue state, upon completion of our course you can go straight to the state exam, but we strongly recommend you take our Practice Tests and score an 80% or higher first.

Since our Virtual and In-Person courses are only 2-Days (16 hours), if you are in a state that requires more hours (red states), you will need to complete the extra hours on your own or join another virtual class for free to get the additional hours.  Upon purchase, in your online portal all of this is explained and it is very easy to complete; this Compliance FAQ is a generalized statement.


State License Numbers:

Ohio:  10620