Refund Policy

Refund Policy

This refund policy is established in accordance with the Texas Education Code Section 132.061, ensuring compliance with state regulations for career schools and colleges, including online educational services.

Refund Eligibility and Conditions

72-Hour Review Period (Online Course/Classes):

Students have 72 hours from the time of enrollment to cancel their purchase for a full refund, provided they have accessed less than 10% of the course content.

Pro Rata Refund (Online Course/Classes):

After the 72-hour period, if a student withdraws or is discontinued from the course, a pro rata refund will be calculated based on the percentage of the course completed at the time of withdrawal.

Course completion is not based on the percentage listed on the user dashboard but the internal metrics of the course system. In most cases, taking only one Practice Test constitutes 100% course completion, even if it is a failed attempt.

Administrative Fee (Online Course/Classes):

In cases of withdrawal after the initial 72-hour period, will retain an administrative fee of $50 from the refund amount.

In-Person Classes:

  • Students may ask for a full refund up to 48-hours prior to the class date.
  • Students may reschedule an in-person class up to 48-hours prior to the class date.
  • No refunds are provided after the 48-hour period begins prior to the class date. IE: If a class is Monday 1/5/2024 9:00am CST, the refund must be requested the previous Saturday 1/3/2024 prior to 9:00am CST.


Students forfeit the right to chargeback without a police report stating fraudulent use of payment. Any chargeback without a police report is to be ruled in the favor of TSI. The user agrees to this upon purchasing the program.

Refund Process

Request Submission:

Students must submit a refund request through the online ticketing system on the website within the specified period previously stated.

Verification and Approval:

  • The request will be reviewed against the student’s course access and engagement records to determine eligibility.
  • Refunds will be processed within 60 days after the effective date of termination, in compliance with the Texas Education Code.

Exceptions and Special Circumstances

  • Refunds are not applicable for students who have accessed more than 10% of the course content or have completed the course.
  • In the event of a course discontinuation by, all enrolled students will be eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees.
  • A student may pause their access to the course by submitting a ticket as long as the course is still active. This is typically done due to medical, deaths or military service. This does not apply if the course has expired.
  • Most pre-licensing courses are active for a maximum of 70 days. Continuing Education courses may be active for longer to give the student access to their certificates.
  • Chargebacks must accompany a police report for fraud, otherwise the user forfeits their right to chargeback unless a refund is requested in the aforementioned scenarios.
  • Our refund policy has no other exceptions, and is to be read in the favor of TSI since the user has chosen to use TSI’s services.

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with the refund process, please use the online ticketing system available through the portal on the website.