Insurance Licensing
& Continuing Education

Insurance Licensing is not a complex topic!

How to get your license

After you become licensed, you will have to renew your license (every 2 years in most states) and obtain Continuing Education credits (24 hours every 2 years in most states).

Upon Purchasing any of our programs, the steps for Licensing or Renewing your license are explained step-by-step in the program or via a pdf.  All of our courses are reported to the Department of Insurance upon completion.

When you purchase any material from us, we will ensure you know exactly what to do.  If you still have questions you may Open a Ticket or Text Us: 512-529-4241.

Common Questions & Answers

  • How long is my online access for?   Your online access is available for 70 days.

    Why is there no phone support?   We offer support through Tickets, Email, and Text. Since most inquiries are about password or name changes, we don’t have phone support, keeping our costs and your prices low. Join our weekly Friday Zoom meeting from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm CST for live instructor help, or schedule a free Zoom session at your convenience by submitting a ticket.

  • How do I change my Password, Name or Email?   Login and on the dashboard click Account Details.

  • Will I pass on my first attempt?    Yes, as long as you take the PRACTICE TESTS and score an 80% or higher; you will fail the state test if you do not take the practice tests. Whatever you score on the practice test is exactly what you will score on your state test.

  • Does your program include the State Regulation and do I need to purchase anything else?    Yes, we include regulation.  No you do not need to purchase anything else from us.

  • I did not receive a receipt, and what is your Refund Policy?    Check your junk-mail especially Yahoo email users.  View our Refund Policy Generally, online courses are not refundable.  Classroom & Virtual may be canceled up to 48 hours prior to the class, but please view our refund policy for more details.

  • Do you include the price of the test, fingerprints or license application?    We do not include the fees for tests, fingerprints, or license applications, as they vary by state. Typically, exams (Pearson, Prometric or PSI) cost around $50, fingerprinting (Identogo) around $40, and license applications (NIPR) about $50. You will pay these costs directly to the exam (PSI, Pearson or Prometric) and NIPR after passing your state exam

  • Where is my class location at?    The location is provided on the calendar when you register.  Click Here to view the calendar.  You will receive an email and text a few days before class with the location. 

    Class locations may change within .5 miles of the scheduled hotel depending on the size of the class.  Some of our classes are 50 people, some are 4 people, we book the hotel meeting space when we know the class size.

  • What times are the classes?    Typically 9:00am to 5:00pm CST (Texas Time) with Lunch from 12:00 - 12:45. Some classes begin at 9:30am and some weekend classes begin at 10:00am; check your registration or our calendar.

  • What should I wear and is food provided?    Anything casual, shorts are fine but dress better than you would to Walmart.  Usually only Coffee and water is provided, some hotels stopped offering coffee.

  • Does the cost include a hotel sleeping room?    No, we hold in-person classes in multiple cities so you don't need to sleep at the hotel; but if you have to, we pick only clean hotels that we would stay in ourselves.  You may want to choose the Zoom Virtual option if it is too far away.

  • Are your courses any good?   Yes, we wrote them ourselves....they better be good.

  • How long have you been in business?   Insurance, 18 years...Teaching 15 years.

About Our Management Staff

Joseph E. Miles | The President

Joseph is the owner of the company and has over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. The vast majority of our learning materials were created by Joseph and he enjoys learning everything he can about insurance and business. If you have any higher level insurance questions, please email him directly. Do not put Urgent or ASAP in any emails to me please.

Email Joseph

Brian Williams | Director of Education

Brian is our resident expert on passing state exams and understanding how people learn. Brian has the ability to connect with students in-person and virtually unlike any other teachers.

Brian manages our teaching staff and ensures we keep our high standards in every class, he may even be your teacher!

Email Brian

Nick Omo | Director of Operations

Nick comes from a strong background of fortune 100 companies and with his vast experience he keeps the company expanding at a smooth pace. Nick created our compliance procedures, is in charge of scheduling our classes, handling sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

When you need something NOW, contact Nick.

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Tell Me More

Insurance Training Professionals LLC., aka TSI Training aka TSI National, is a leading Exam Preparation and Continuing Education provider throughout the country.   All of our courses and material are built in-house, which is what makes us so successful

Our course prices are substantially lower than our competitors because we keep overhead to a minimum and focus on what we do best, educational training.

We provide insurance knowledge, courses and expertise in 45 of the 50 states; why not 50?  Well, some states such as Oregon are so burdensome that it is not worth becoming an approved provider there, even if the state is beautiful. 

What We Do

Insurance Licensing
Insurance Continuing Education
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