Life, Health & Annuity Agent Licensing – AK


Insurance Exam Prep•  Everything required to pass your state exam
•  Videos for all Chapters
•  Full Online Course
•  Flash Cards, Notes and More….
•  Unlimited Practice Tests
•  Meets State Requirements & Includes State Regulation
•  70 Days Online Access 

A Self-Study, online course specifically designed for the Life, Accident, Health & Annuity insurance exam.  You will have everything you need to study and take your state exam, including any required learning hours & any required Certificate of Completion. Your access will begin immediately upon purchase, you will create an account on the purchase page.

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A pre-licensing course dedicated toward the Life, Health and Annuity state exam; this course will prepare you to take the state exam and complete your pre-licensing hours.  This course is video based and does not include a live instructor.


          • Learning Modules for Life, Health and Annuities
          • State Regulation Chapter fully included
          • Videos for all chapters (13+ hours)
          • 220pg online book & PPT’s
          • Typed and highlighted cliff notes
          • Unlimited Practice Tests
          • Other learning tools such as flash cards, and more..
          • 70 days access to our website

This course includes everything you need to take your state exam and will fully prepare you.  Access is provided for 70 full days from the date of purchase; in order to extend your learning, you would need to re-purchase the course at full price.  The vast majority of people finish their studying within 1-2 weeks (14 days).